It is because of the survivors that I’ve come to accept that #MeToo is something that will never let me rest.
Pulitzer Prize winning reporters will write whatever the hell they want.
Audio Reading: The Great Pretenders Listen now (19 min) | Hollywood's Carbon Tax is Exposed
Audio Version: Triggering #MeToo All Over AgainListen now (17 min) | As Read by the Author
Audio Version: The New York Times' Sins of Omission Listen now (21 min) | The latest #MeToo CONFIDENTIAL article as read by the author himself.
Their Weinstein reporters should have disclosed that, before co-founding Time's Up, Roberta Kaplan was Harvey Weinstein's lawyer. So why didn't they?
The Power to Control Politicians, Information, and Movements Sits with a Precious Few
Hint: #MeToo, Hollywood, Power and Politics
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#MeToo CONFIDENTIAL by donald barnat